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Avon ZZR

We strongly recommend all competitors to ‘scrub’ new tyres in. This helps increase a tyre life and also its consistency over long runs.
– More information on Avons Scrubbing in procedure.

Minimum cold starting pressure: 22psi (This is the pressure the tyre is set to prior to a session/ heat cycle). Running any lower than this could potentially damage the tyres sidewall construction. Avon Motorsport does not recommend specific starting pressures. This is due to the variables involved (i.e. track conditions, track and ambient temperatures, circuit layout, session length, driving characteristics).

Target hot pressure: 30psi (This is the optimum pressure for the tyre to be run at whilst at operating temperature). To obtain this target hot pressure there may be a requirement to start each tyre at different cold starting pressures; this is due to each tyre inevitably working at different levels. The cold starting pressure required to achieve the target hot pressure will depend on the variables stated above.

To purchase please contact:

Faye George
Avon Motorsport
Stefan Calbrecht
Vereeken Motorsport (Belgium & France)
Tel: +44 (0)1225 357751 Tel: +32 (0)
E-mail: Mob: +32 (0)475.39.27.72

Robert Sulzbacher
Avon Germany


Avon ZZR – The official tyre of the Lotus on Track Racing Drivers Club
Tires in Southern France



Henderson Taylor

Scheme offers unlimited trackday cover, UK & EU and an agreed value plus many other benefits.

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Excellent road policy incorporating 4 UK or European track days.

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Contact Mary Singleton:



Manning UK

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Road policy incorporating track day cover



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1Answer Insurance

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Road policy incorporating track day cover


Moris Insurance

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One off track day cover


Ryan Motorsport Insurance

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Grove & Dean Motorsport Insurance

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Instructors – ARDS grade ATop


BTCC ace Jack Goff is offering private tuition

Anyone who watches BTCC will no doubt have been impressed by the progress made by Jack over the last couple of years. Alongside BTCC Jack has also raced in Lotus Cup Europe, Lotus Cup UK & LoT Elise Trophy. Jack is available for personal track tuition at any UK or European circuit either in your own car or his Renault Clio Sport. Special rates for LoT & LoTRDC members. Email


Racing a Lotus in 2018Top

Lotus on Track has been at the heart of Lotus racing for many years now. In fact the Lotus on Track Elise Trophy and Lotus Cup UK grew from it’s organisation and members. (note: we have not had involvement in the 2 series since 2014 and do not have any involvement with them in anyway).

We hope that as a Lotus owner you would like to race a Lotus and with our own Lotus on Track Racing Drivers Club in Lotus Cup Europe, the World’s premier Lotus race championship and arguably one of the top championships of any marque. However, being an FIA backed championship some experience is required before taking the final step to LCE. For those in the UK who want to start out we have the Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship while there are many other club level championships for Lotus owners in the UK and around the World.

Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship – Is the perfect environment for Lotus owners to take their first steps into Motorsport, with drivers alone on the track and without the distraction of other cars, or the fear of contact, able to concentrate on their technique and speed. It appeals to both track day drivers, who are able to use their skills in a competitive environment, and complete novices, who can instantly compare their performances to the frontrunners.

Lotus Cup Europe – The World’s premier Lotus Championship. Fully authorised by the FIA and Group Lotus it’s the pinnacle of Lotus racing.

Elise Trophy – A championship originally created and run by our own MSA Lotus racing club: LoTRDC. Paul was even on the very first grid. The Lotus on Track Elise Trophy was aimed at the Lotus enthusiast who wanted to get into racing, with their Lotus. At the end of 2014 LoTRDC sold the championship while it had huge grids, great events and was arguably the highest profile club race series in the UK. However, by the end of the 2017 season it was in a very poor state of health resulting in its sale so there are new owners for the 2018 season. To be clear LoT and LoTRDC are not involved or connected in anyway with the current incarnation of the Elise Trophy.

CSCC Modern Classics Series – designed for most production Sports and GT models produced upto the end of 1999. The race length is 40 minutes with a mandatory pitstop taking place between minutes 10 and 25. Entries can be a single driver, two driver team or even a two car/two driver team. Standard bodywork and engine type is required, so perfect for most Elise/Exige S1 running a K series. Race entries are between £325 and £385 in the UK, with 2 x 40 minute races at Spa for £575.

CSCC New Millennium Series – designed for post year 2000 production based cars (and their racing variants) and for cars that are deemed to be “in the spirit of the regulations”, for example older cars running non-standard aero or sequential gearboxes. The race length is again 40 minutes with a mandatory pitstop. Entries can be a single driver, two driver team or even a two car/two driver team. Standard engine type is required, but aftermarket aero is allowed (wings, diffusers etc.). Elise/Exige S1/S2 running a K series, S2 and S3 with Toyota power and Exige V6 are all welcomed. Race entries are between £325 and £385 in the UK, with 2 x 40 minute races at Spa for £575.

750 Motor Club – Roadsports – The Series is for production cars, including all Lotus. Races are 45 minutes long including a pit stop. Entry fees start at £255 for the series of six mini-endurance races, which will take place at major circuits such as Donington Park & Silverstone.

750 Motor Club – Club Enduro – The Club Enduro Series is a brand new endurance racing series, but with a grid of production sports and saloon cars on a realistic budget. Races are 90-120 minutes long at the best circuits – including Spa in 2017! Teams can run as two car relay teams, or one car, with refuelling as required, no slicks are permitted but tyre choice is open to list 1a,1b,1c. Each round is priced at £595, offering an unrivalled amount of seat time for the costs involved.

Lotus Cup Eastern Europe – The perfect Lotus championship for anyone in Eastern Europe. First class organisation & events – runs to same regulations as Lotus Cup Europe.

Lotus Cup Italia – Single type Elise Cup PBR championship. Similar to an Elise Cup R but with modifications by PB Racing so all cars are the same providing fantastic racing.

MSVT Trackday Trophy – a race series from MSV, the owners of Brands Hatch, Snetterton and other circuits desgined specifically for trackday drivers and novice racers. Perfect for those wishing to start out racing a Lotus.

MSVT Trackday Championship – offers a competitive, yet fun and friendly, environment for production saloon, hatchback, and sports car racers to enjoy. Whether you’re a relative novice looking to progress into a well-supported championship environment for the first time, or you’re an established competitor looking for a new challenge, the TDC has plenty to offer. Each round consists of a 30minute qualifying session followed by a 45minute race.




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