Spa Francorchamps | Tuesday 14 November 2017


Our final day of 2017 in Belgium.

If this day’s anything like the previous 4 November days in Spa we’re in for a treat – 2016 in particular was a great, dry, sunny day!

* Not suitable as a first track day. Although we run strict rules on our days anyone booking this day should have done a track day on another circuit first.

Directions & Accommodation: Click Here
Length: 7KM
Noise limit: 103db drive by – 15metres from edge of track & 107db static
Format: Open Pit Lane
Price: £265 / 299€
Instruction: SOLD OUT
Crash Helmets: £20 / 25€ – Advance booking only (no spare helmets on the day)
Passengers: FREE (18 and over)
Garages: £130/150€ exclusive, £65/75€ share between 2 cars, £40/45€ share between 4 cars **
2nd Driver: £45/50€ (must sign on by 8.25am and attend first briefing at 8.30am. Must also be experienced track day driver and complete the sighting laps.) 3rd drivers = 75€.

** Garages: Spa charge us for each garage. You do not need a garage – there is lots of room on the apron behind the garages for you to park during the day. We will also have a couple of garages open to store items in as well as one set up with free tea, coffee and cold drinks all day. If you do want a garage you could book an exclusive one and then share with some friends, each garage will hold 4-6 cars.

Basic Timings – sign on 7.45am-8.25am, briefing 8.35am, track open 9am for sighting laps, live 9.30am, lunch – 12pm-1pm, close approx. 5pm when we lose the light.

* Instruction will be allocated in the order it was booked.

Non Lotus soft top cars must have approved Roll Over Protection to take part in this day. Slick tyres are not permitted.

It should be clearly understood that places on this track day at Spa Francorchamps must be booked by the main driver of the car taking part. We cannot permit 3rd party companies or individuals on this day who want to sub contract places and charge 2nd drivers or passengers to take part with them. We will not sign on more than 3 drivers for each car without prior written approval and no more than 5 passengers per car without prior written approval. Unfortunately we can’t accept companies or individuals who wish to use the day as a hospitality event. No 3rd party bookings are permitted under any circumstances.

ANY vehicle without a hard top or fixed roof will require occupants to wear full face helmets.

Final instructions will be emailed out 3 days before the event.


Spa Francorchamps | Tuesday 14 November 2017


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