Le Mans Maison Blanche

The Le Mans Maison Blanche circuit, like the Bugatti Circuit follows a small portion of the 24 hour circuit. Maison Blanche includes the output of the Porsche curves to the entry of the Ford chicanes. The Maison Blanche section was bypassed in the 24 hour circuit because cars were going too quick through here.

When you exit the pitlane, check your rear view mirrors and cross to the left hand side, where you'll be in a very weak kink to the left. Then keep right and go for a late apex in this left-hander. The inside curb is ok to use, as is the outside. If you have already driven the Bugatti layout you'll recognize this type of corner as it is of the same genre as the not so sharp, 180 degree bends there.

Take the shortest possible trajectory through the next left/right combination. Don't treat these as proper corners. Afterwards, line yourself up on the left for another not very sharp, but long, right-hander. The apex is not that late here, more towards the middle of the bend and the inside curbing is safe. Use all the space on the left as you exit, even some of the curbing if necessary.

Then it's another left-right combination, this time a little tighter than before, but still you can go very fast through these. The curbs are flat, although there's no grass here and they've asphalted it, do not straightline it. The surface is pretty rough and you don't want to go outside of the track limits.

Next up is the opposite of what you've just gone through. A right-left combination. But this time you will have built up quite a lot of speed, so be careful here, the curbing is exactly the same here as before. On the exit, keep right and limit the angle on your steering wheel as you need to start braking for a left hander. Straightforward apex halfway through the corner, you can be wide on the exit as you cross onto the section used in the 24hours. So over the painted bit of road and all the way to the right hand side of the circuit. This is a very fast, flat out section now, just take the shortest trajectory through a left-right-left succession of bends.

Just for the Ford curves, you'll leave the 24h track back onto the Maison Blanche layout. Another one of those not very sharp left-handers with the apex in the middle, hug the inside all the way around as you have lots of space on the exit.

Words kindly provided by Ward Vrancken.

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