A French couple decided in 1970 to found the 'Circuit de Lédenon'. It was fit for competition in June 1973. Then in 1977 it started hosting big events such as high end touring car series and Formula Renault. Today, it's still very much an active circuit being used for racing, drifting, historic and motorcycle events.

The circuit is considered one of the more technical tracks in France. It also runs counter clock-wise, which is special in Europe.

As you cross the start finish line, the first corner you'll have to tackle is actually a series of 3 seperate, yet connected left-handers. As the pit-wall on your right stops, you should gently start turning in for the first of these left-handers. As soon as you've hit the apex, run wide again untill you've just crossed the middle of the track. Now, turn in for the second left-hander and the apex is later here as it was in the first one. Then, all the way to the outside for the final left-hander. The apex is fairly straight forward here, as you exit you'll have to negotiate a kink to the right, so don't exit too wide, but you can use these curbs.

Next up is 180 degree right-hander, which on entry seems tight, but it opens up. It also really grasps you on the exit, so you can really give it the beans here.

Then, a similar left-hander as the previous one, although it's a flat surface this time. The apex is in the middle of the inside curbstone, the outside curb is accessible. Following is a flat-out left-hand kink and the descent to a very fast right-hand kink. Build up your speed here during the day. For high-downforce cars this is not flat out, so don't be tempted because of the run-off area here. The descent stops at the apex, meaning you'll have lots of grip, but be careful on the curbs as they might unsettle the car.

Then it's uphill again with a right hander which opens up on the exit. I find this sort of similar to the uphill right-hander in Dijon. Just as in Dijon, there's a double left-hander up next. Only here the second one is much tighter. Use the first of these two left-handers to set you up for the second one, so try and straightline it a bit so that you automatically run to the outside line and you'll also be set up for braking. Then it's a late apex, and easy on the exit as there's a right-hander up next. It's just a flat-out kink, followed by another one to the left and another one to the right. You need to adjust your line through these 3 so that you end up on the right-hand side of the circuit after the final kink to the right. As quickly after that you have to flick it in quite aggressively for an uphill left-hander. This one will grasp you once more and generate lots of grip.

Use the full width of the circuit as you'll be coming on to the main straight, and it's uphill, so you really have to get the most out of it. Go flat-out through the left-hand kink and across the start/finish for another lap of this mighty circuit.

Words kindly provided by Ward Vrancken.

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