The most northern circuit in the UK and a long way for most. However, once you're there you will soon realise the trip was worth it. Built in 1975 the circuit hosts rounds of the British Touring Car Championship, British Superbikes and the British GT championship.

The Champion Clubhouse serves hot food and drinks all day, whilst Kinairds restaurant gives an added slightly more upmarket option, especially for entertaining guests. The pit lane at Knockhill is small, with no garages, but that adds to the atmosphere. There is, however, a large paddock to give space for those with trailers and motor homes.

The approach to the first corner or the Seat Curves (also known as Duffus Dip) is fast and over a crest. Picking the turn in point is tricky and you have to leave it very late. It is essential that you take plenty of kerb on the apex. On the exit you need to try and keep the car to the left for McIntyre. The distance between the two is very short and leaves little time to get back to the left if you have run out to far. The turn in point is quite late at about two thirds along the kerb on the left. Make sure you use the apex kerb on the inside and then run out on to the exit kerb on the exit. This leads to the steep downhill approach to Butchers where the turn in is at the end of the left hand side kerb. Use a small amount of the kerb on the inside, but be careful not to take too much, as this can launch the car across the track quite badly. On the exit you will need to brake in a straight line across the circuit for Glenvarigill. Take this corner in almost a straight line simply by taking the two apex kerbs on either side. Be cautious of the tyre stacks on the inside of the second part. In the wet be careful over the brow. On the exit run right out to the kerb. The amount of speed you have carried through will determine how much of the exit kerb you have to use.

The short Brabham straight gives a little break in the lap to compose yourself for the next section. On approach the corner is blind. Because you are braking downhill allow extra space to slow it down. Turn in about one third from the end of the kerb. At this point the apex will be more apparent. Use the inside kerb just over the brow which is the apex as this will then push you towards the exit kerb. Try not to fight the car too much as this will make the corner tighter than it needs to be. Caution should be take at the end of the kerb as there is a slight divot that can be quite violent. The run down to the Real Radio Hairpin (Taylors) is preceded by Daewoo which is a simple flat left kink unless your are driving something seriously quick. Braking for the Hairpin can be tricky as it is very bumpy and slightly uphill. The turn in is very late, almost at the very end of the kerb on the left hand side. From the turn in take a good amount of apex kerb and let the car run right out across the brow to the exit kerb. Its important to be on the power early from the apex as the pit straight has a very steep uphill climb.

Words kindly provided by Jamie Stanley.

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