Frequently Asked Questions

What standards are enforced on events?
  • All of our track days are non-competitive – timing is NOT permitted
  • Overtaking is only by consent, only allowed on the straights, normally the left and never in the corners or braking zones
  • All drivers must attend a briefing session or complete an on-line briefing
  • We set a maximum number of cars for all days and do not exceed that number under any circumstances
  • We carry £10 million of public liability insurance for all track days
  • Second drivers must sign on before the sign-on closes and the sighting laps take place
  • Second drivers must be aged between 21 & 70. Passengers must be aged 18-75
  • Slick tires are not permitted on UK events. In Europe by prior written approval depending on driver, circuit & car
  • Noise limits and experience levels are clearly specified for all events
Is Lotus on Track the club for me?

If you are looking for safe, fun track days in a friendly environment at a reasonable price and are prepared to follow the standards laid out above then please read on.

What does membership cost?

12 Months Membership – £30/30€

Annual renewal – £20/20€ for further 12 months, or Lifetime renewal – £40/40€. Membership is family based so includes spouse. Lifetime renewal is a one-off fee after the initial year’s membership and is a final payment. For more information or to join click here.

Do you admit beginners/novices?

Yes! The vast majority of our members have attended their first track day with LoT.

Is there an age limit at events?

Main drivers on all Lotus on Track events must be between 21 and 75 years old *. 2nd drivers must be aged between 21 and 70. Passengers must be aged between 18 and 75. Those under the age of 18 can visit most circuits but there is a minimum age of 16 or 18 in the pit lane at all circuits. No children under the age of 16 will be allowed into Hethel, Bedford Autodrome or North Weald as there are no spectator facilities for our events at these venues.

* The upper age limit for Main drivers participating in a Lotus, VX220 or Caterham may be extended on an event-by-event basis with prior written approval at least 48hrs before event sign-on opens. To request an exemption as a club member please email Paul.

No exemptions will be given to passengers or 2nd drivers under any circumstances.

Is my car suitable? (don’t have a Lotus – read on!)

If you don’t have a Lotus don’t worry we also welcome owners of Caterhams, VX220s and other 2 seater sports cars – a full list can be found here. We do not accept new members with 2 door coupe’s such as the BMW M3 or saloon cars that have been modified to have 2 seats. We also don’t accept Radical style track cars under any circumstances.

We do expect all cars to be able to meet safety and noise emission requirements. All cars need to be to MOT standards, seatbelts, brakes, indicators and lights all need to work and tyres must be in good condition. Some cars will need to have a full approved cage and all non Lotus cars an approved Roll Over Protection system(ROPs) please read our cage rules in section 20 of our T&C’S.

If a member has done a number of events with us in a suitable car and then changes to another road going car that wouldn’t normally be accepted they are more than welcome to remain as a club member and may be able to use that car on some days – strictly by written approval from Paul on an event by event basis.

What should I bring to an event?

The most important thing is the right attitude. Track days can be dangerous. There will be a set of simple rules designed to keep you and others safe, if you come prepared to follow those rules, you will be fine, break them and you’ll be going home early. Other than that, a suitable & safe car, a full valid driving licence suitable for the car you will be driving and the correct clothing.

Do I need to wear a crash helmet?

Helmets are compulsory for everyone intending to drive or passenger.

All drivers and passengers must wear a crash helmet that is suitable for driving a car on circuit. ANY open vehicle will require occupants to wear a full face helmet or fit a full fixed roof (not soft top). Drivers are responsible for ensuring helmets are fitted correctly. It should be noted that a convertible/flip down helmet or cheap scooter helmet is not suitable for driving a car on circuit and will not be permitted.

Helmet cameras are not permitted. Helmets should be as light as possible, the lower the helmet weight the lower the risk of neck injuries.

What safety clothing is required?

It is also compulsory to have both your arms and legs fully covered by your clothing. We would recommend wearing a race suit and gloves.

How do I prepare for a track day?
How are cars tested for noise and will my car pass the noise tests?

The vast majority of tracks have noise limits imposed on them by their local councils. These limits vary from track to track. The limit for each event is clearly displayed with the event information as either static or drive by, in some cases both.

Static test – A noise meter is placed at a 45 degree angle to the exhaust outlet and 50cm away. The car is then held at 3/4 of its maximum rev limit and the highest reading recorded is the cars recorded noise output for the day. A static limit of 105db is very high and very few cars have an issue with this at 101db cars with std factory manifolds and exhausts should be ok. Anyone with a very loud exhaust/manifold should be careful.

Drive by – This test is recorded at track side as the car is moving at track speed. Depending on the circuit the reading will be taken between right next to the track and up to 20 meters away. Cars with Forced Induction tend to have more issues with drive by, even though they tend to pass static tests as the s/c or turbo’s only kick in when run at speed. There are many things that affect drive by readings from wind direction, air temperature, how low the cloud cover is or even what line you are driving.

If a car is over the official limit, the car will not be allowed onto the circuit. Lotus on Track will have no part in this process or a say in its outcome. If you do not know what the noise output of your car is, as a general guide most standard unmodified road cars will record under 98db static and lower than 87db drive by (the strictest enforced at any of the venues used by us). It should also be pointed out that the physical characteristics of cars can change between one day and the next – especially as a lot of Elise’s are getting old – exhausts loosen up, also drivers get quicker and thus push the cars harder the more track days they attend or when they re-visit a circuit multiple times.

If in doubt get the car tested prior to booking an event, it is possible to have your car tested at most UK circuits if you contact them direct.

What is Open Pit Lane or Sessions?

A sessioned event means that the day will be structured into usually 3 separate groups which take it in turns to go out on track for a set time, normally 20 minutes. Each car will be restricted to their group for the duration of the day. Drivers are generally allocated a group depending on their experience level or type of car.

An Open Pit Lane event means that cars are free to go out onto the track when they choose (providing the circuit limit or our normally reduced limit has not been reached).

Can I bring a passenger?

Yes! Passengers are more than welcome. Passengers are required to complete an indemnity form and abide by the same rules as drivers on the day including following any instructions that are given. They must wear a suitable helmet, that is done up properly as well as always wear a seat belt or harness. Once in the car they must not hold any objects such as cameras or mobile phones. Passengers on all LoT track days must be between 18 and 75 years old, proof of age will be required at sign-on.

Lotus on Track club members may have up to 3 passengers free of charge. These passengers must register in advance of the day and bring their completed / typed registration document to sign on. Those not bringing their completed registration document, additional passengers or those with non-members will be charged £10 each.

Are 2nd drivers allowed?

Yes, we allow a 2nd driver on most events. However, if the event specifies an experience level such as ‘advanced drivers only’, ‘novice drivers only’ the 2nd driver must fall into this category. Beginners will only be accepted at non-race circuits such as Hethel, Bedford, Abbeville. The only exceptions to this rule are Anglesey & Mettet, if in doubt please contact us.

All 2nd drivers must register in advance of the day, sign on before the opening sign on session closes, normally 8.30 or 16.30 if an evening event. They must also take part in the sighting laps. Second drivers on all LoT track days must be between 21 years old and 70 years old, proof of age will be required at sign-on. We will not normally sign on a 2nd driver once the sighting laps have started.

At some events we may permit a 3rd driver, this will be detailed on the relevant booking page.

Can I use slick tyres?

Unfortunately, not in the UK. We have tried to allow some flexibility on the use of slicks by requesting that drivers asked permission in advance. However, we’ve been asked to remove any ambiguation so have no choice but to ban the use of slicks in the UK. For track days outside the UK we may accept slicks depending on the circuit, car and driver – written approval must be given 2 weeks in advance of the track day and will be strictly limited to long term lifetime members only who have driven a large number of events with LoT previously.

Road legal Avon ZZRs, Yokohama AO48’s and Toyo 888’s etc are not classed as being slick.

Can I use a camera/video on circuit?

In car photography is permitted. However, videos must be for private use only and securely mounted – suction mounts are NOT permitted. Cameras must not be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle. The use of handheld cameras and/or camera phones is strictly prohibited.

I’ve never driven on a track before and I would like some pointers.

Experienced track users who are also ARDS registered instructors attend all UK Lotus on Track events. These are available to give you some guidance into track driving. They won’t be teaching you to be a racing driver, but they will be sharing the benefits of their racing and track day experience. Cost is generally £25 for one session of 20 minutes if booked in advance.

I’d like to hire a crash helmet.

We have a limited supply of crash helmets available for club members to book in advance of each track day.

We will take some form of deposit from you, normally a credit card or driving licence, which will be returned at the end of the day when you return the helmet.

For further information and to book please click here.

I’d like to book an instruction session.

If you are attending a UK track day and would like to book a session with one of our instructors we would strongly advise that you book your session when booking the track day. We allocate instruction sessions in the order they are booked so by booking as early as possible you have more of a chance of a morning slot. Any remaining places will be sold on the day of the event on a first come basis. As a rule we will not sell more than one instruction session in advance of the day per car.

What happens if I have an accident?

Although a track day is generally a very safe time and place to try the limits of driving, in reality accidents can and sadly do happen. It would be dishonest for us to say otherwise. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured that the attending marshals and paramedics will be fully able to cope and that full and proper procedures would be followed.

If I damage my car in an accident, who will pay?

Although track day accidents are rare, if you decide to take your car on to a track, you must be aware that you are accepting the risk. You will be required to sign a declaration at each event; this is usual on any track day. The circuit, Lotus on Track or any other person or company cannot be held responsible, even if an accident is not your fault. In addition, you are responsible for any damage caused to the circuit, as an example if you come into contact with a guard rail or tyre wall. It is very unlikely that your road going insurance policy is going to cover you for a track day so make sure you check with your insurance company first. Make sure you mention that these events are non-competitive and no racing or timing is allowed. If you don’t have insurance that covers you it may be possible to arrange standalone cover – check out our Insurance directory.

Association of Track Day Organisers (ATDO)

Although the Association of Track Day Organisers Ltd is no longer a registered company, Lotus on Track were proud members of the association until it was dissolved.

LoT enforces the highest safety standards:

All our track days are non-competitive.
We have a comprehensive set of operating procedures & risk assessment that are submitted to circuits.
We carry £10m public liability insurance.
All drivers and passengers must read, accept and sign a registration form.
Everyone driving on circuit must attend a briefing – or complete an on-line briefing.
All main drivers must read & accept the company’s Terms & Conditions when booking an event.
A full guide is emailed to those who have booked a few days before each event. This guide covers the timings of the event, how the day will be run and important safety information.
Main drivers on all Lotus on Track events must be at least 21 years old.
2nd drivers must be aged between 21 and 70. Passengers must be aged between 18 and 75.
We use qualified marshals – our core team are licensed officials or marshals.
A maximum number of cars for a day and do not exceed that number.
On open pit lane events we always run with a lower circuit limit than the circuit recommends.
Slick tires are not permitted on UK events. In Europe by prior written approval depending on driver, circuit & car.
Noise limits and experience levels are clearly specified for all events.
LoT has a thorough Privacy Notice and is registered with the ICO – registration number ZA244265.

Travelling to the EU from the UK – post 1/1/2021

With the UK leaving the EU there are now a number of different rules/laws that should be taken into account if travelling to the EU.

You will now need to ensure you carry your V5, insurance certificate, green card as well as have a UK sticker. You may also require reflective jacket, warning triangle, headlamp converter stickers. For full information please check

If you are towing you may now need an ATA Carnet for the vehicle you are towing. You may also need to register your trailer. We have some basic information and links on the club forums here.

How do I book an event?

All events can be booked via our on-line shop.

I need more information

3-5 days before each track day we will send an email with final instructions about the event, this will cover timings, directions and safety information. In addition before each track day starts there will be a briefing – you will be directed to this at sign-on. Briefings will normally be held at 8.30am and are mandatory so please arrive in plenty of time. The briefing will cover what will happen during the day, track specifics, flags and all other information that may be required. At the end of the briefing there will be a Q&A’s session if you have any questions please ask. In addition we have a club forum where other members will be only too glad to answer any questions you may have.

Other track day organisers

If we can’t provide the track day you’re looking for. From our ‘personal’ experience we would recommend looking at Circuit Days, RSR, RMA & Gold Track. Obviously this is a personal recommendation rather than LoT and you should always read T&C’s and rules in full before booking with any organisers, including LoT.

Europa Trackdays also provide a great resource for the majority of trackdays in the EU. They update their lists in their own time and have listed LoT’s events for many years.

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