Bruntingthorpe is an old airfield that is now used as a vehicle proving ground and track day venue. This explains the varied selection of aircraft parked in sight of the runways and link roads that make up the track.

Bruntingthorpe is six miles from Junction 20 of the M1. There are some interesting B roads between the M1 and Bruntingthorpe that more than one person has got lost on before. Trackside facilities are basic being a portakabin, a toilet block, and a large expanse of concrete. Food and drink on site is limited to anything organised by the TDO on the day.

As an airfield, Bruntingthorpe has a wide track surface made of concrete which makes for high tyre wear compared to traditional circuits. For track days you will drive the 'Sprint Circuit'. Bruntingthorpe’s main feature is a fast left hander at the end of the pit straight. It's easy to turn into this too early and run wide on the exit. This isn’t a recommended technique as heading towards the 747 parked near the outside of the corner isn’t good. Next up is a fairly open 90 degree right hander leading into a right, left, right series of corners that exit onto the airfield’s main runway. This is pretty dull unless the TDO has been smart enough to add a bit of interest with a coned off complex of corners on the runway. The two 90 degree right handers at the end of the runway lead back onto the pit straight and are some of the slower corners of the track.

Overall, Bruntingthorpe’s wide open spaces typical of an airfield make it a good place to learn about a car or experience a track day for the first time.

To find Bruntingthorpe, use co-ordinates above & not a postcode in your sat nav.

Words kindly provided by Rob Woolridge.

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