Croft is one of the best kept secrets in British motorsport, with super fast sections that make it a challenging and enjoyable circuit. The circuit has recently been beset with noise issues, however there are a number of events allowed each year so if you get a chance to visit, don't hesitate as it's well worth a trip.

Picking a braking point for Clervaux is tricky. Use the pit lane exit to judge your braking point and you will be surprised how much speed you can carry into the corner, however, be careful of the marker boards on the apexes of the chicane as they will dodamage. The right hander of Hawthorn is fast and there are two seams in the centre of the track. Try and run the car between these two at the turn in, and then take the apex and let the car run out to the left. This will open up the turn into the chicane much more. It is important to use the kerbs to shorten the distance through the corner, whilst being careful of the bump just after the apex kerb as this can lift the car up. Run all the way out to the right hand side of the circuit; caution should be taken not to drop a wheel over the kerb or circuit edge as this is part of the rally cross stage is very bumpy.

The run down to Tower is uneven under braking so it is important to get the car straight before you start braking. Also be aware that it is not unusual to see a yellow flag here for the farmer in the field. Take a late apex and use maximum width on the exit, again being careful as there is no exit kerb and very limited run off. You will then need to bring the car back to the right for the Jim Clark Esses. The key to this section is a steady turn in, and hold the car to the left after the apex to open the second part out. On the exit of the second part there is a section of old tarmac that you can use, as the kerb is painted on top of the tarmac. The next corner is Barcroft and is one of the fastest in the UK and you should either be flat or a balanced throttle through the corner. It is important to be smooth with the turn in, and on the exit you need to be aiming for the service road. The Sunny complex is essentially one big corner made up of two parts: Sunny In and Sunny Out. On approach you will have built up a lot of speed so you need to be hard on the brakes, and then turn in tight to the first apex allowing the car to run out to the flat exit kerb. This should set you up nicely to maintain a good angle for Sunny Out, being careful of the slight crest in the road on the exit.

The run down the straight leads to the Complex, which is relatively new compared to the rest of the circuit so is very smooth. You can brake late, and turn in late, to set yourself up nicely for the second part with the later apex. This keeps the car nicely on the left hand side of the circuit for the right that leads to the hairpin. This is one of the tightest hairpins in the UK and from the exit of the complex there is very little room to get back to the right for the hairpin. It is important to be patient with the power here as too much too soon will push the car wide on the exit and out onto the dust.

Words kindly provided by Jamie Stanley.

Facilities on site are rather primitive if you're used to, well anywhere really! Catering consists of a burger van (you had a choice of onions or no onions on your burger...) There's not a proper restaurant so lunch is spent sitting beside the car or on the grass.

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