Goodwood is a traditional circuit and is still operated in much the same way as it always has been. The marshals are kitted out in period white overalls and the club house is a shrine to motor racing greats. It is worth pointing out that where you would find a crash barrier on a normal circuit at Goodwood you quite often find an earth bank which is not as friendly on either you or your car and with run off at a premium this is an important note to remember.

The circuit doesn't have many corners, but each one is a truly stunning. Magwick being the first has a slight up and down approach. From the turn in the apex is a long way round. Be careful of the bump as you cross the track from the turning point to the apex. On the exit be sure to use the full width of the road. (if you do have a noisy car be patient with the power on the exit.) The next corner is Fordwater and is essentially a very fast right kink in the track. Due to the bumpy nature of the circuit it is a truly terrifying corner and should be treated with the utmost respect. This leads to St Marys which is treated in two parts. For the first part take a late turn in and apex to get the car tight to the right. This will give you as much room as possible for the second part which is steeply downhill under braking. The apex is unsighted until after you turn in and you need to be careful not to allow the car to run out too soon. From the bottom you will then be looking up hill towards Lavant Corner. There is a marshal's post to aim at initially to give you some guidance as to where you need to position the car. Once you arrive over the crest you can pick your braking point and turn in quite easily. Once turned in, be careful not to be greedy with the kerb on the inside or outside of the corner because it is tight. Be patient with the throttle application as the majority of accidents at Goodwood occur here.

The run down the Lavant straight is very quick with two slight kinks. These should be treated with the upmost respect as a mistake here is usually severely punished. From here the final section is Woodcote Corner. The high speed approach it very tricky so try to ensure that braking is all done in a straight line towards the first of the two turning points. At the first turning point, turn the car towards what will be the second turning point. From the second turning point bring the car into an early apex this allows you to get on the power very early for the short run to the tyre chicane. This is a very simple chicane but care should be taken as slower cars may be entering the pits just on the exit of the chicane.

Eating on site is from the onsite burger van. Goodwood has probably the strictest noise regulations of any circuit in the UK so it worth making sure your car isn't over the limit before you go.

Words kindly provided by Jamie Stanley.

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