Lurcy Levis is a test track in the middle of a field, similar to Abbeville but ways longer. It is also more technical, with plenty of run offs so quite safe.

The track can have different configurations, enabling F1 tests with its long straight, as well as enabling F3 teaching on various sections.

The track is flat and in good condition, it is not used for races. Magny Cours is only 18 miles (30km) up the road.

From the entry is a gentle left hander taken wide that leads into a sharp hairpin to the right. You need to keep momentum on the left hander, scarifying the hairpin entry by keeping the right straight into the hairpin entry and have a long apex. Don't accelerate before exit as you need to keep the right hand side.

Ideally, you shift up shortly before the next left corner, which is a bit of a compromise but helps not upsetting the car's balance later. You position yourself on the left at the exit and keep full throttle into the next right corner, taken with late apex.

Short straight follows and then you enter a small left hand corner you might try to take without downshifting, what you can do by braking very hard at the next right hand 'small circle' corner. Techniques diverge for the latest. You can either enter wide, to keep momentum, but sadly with little grip and try to trail brake to recover the inner side of the corner with a very late apex. You might also want to try a long apex with early entry and constant throttle. Makes little difference either way and there is plenty place to experiment anyway.

Whatever you decide to do, you seek for a maximum exit speed and you want to be on the right hand side at the exit. Your corner exit counts a lot as it determines the next left hand corner (taken flat, late apex) that leads directly into a long straight: that's where you gain or lose time.

On the very long straight you keep to the left, but wisely say a meter from the edge. At the end of the straight you have a very fast right hand bend. With downforce this is taken flat, with street cars I would advise to downshift 1 gear or to brake at least. That really doesn't work flat (some tried already), especially as this is a late apex corner with a heavy bump on the entry line that upsets the car. Whatever you decide to do in that corner, once you turn the wheel to enter it, you have to be on throttle all the way, braking is no option.

You have then a small straight where you try to keep the left side and brake hardly but shortly before the flat parabolica. This is a 90mph long right hand corner where you want to keep the inner line (long apex) all the way. It is very pleasant because quite fast and very safe. You don't need to alter the wheel position, you can play slightly with the throttle to move from balanced four wheel drift to slight oversteer or understeer to make your way to the apex.

You exit the parabolica to enter a very short straight followed by a strong braking and downshift before the 90° left hander. If you enter this corner properly and are a smooth driver, you should be able to keep full throttle in the following short straight (that also leads back into the pits) and into the right hand corner (you have to force the car somewhat due to the next corner), leading you into the fast left hand corner you barely consider (but that you have to make) as you try to keep a slightly bended outside line (on the right hand). The pitlane cars enter to your right, you have covered a full lap.

Words kindly provided by Claude Gonzales.

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