Lydden Hill

Lydden Hill can be found within a stones throw of the A2 between Canterbury and Dover. Most famed for Rally Cross Lydden is a fun, if small circuit that holds some fabulous corners. As with it's more illustrious Kent neighbour, Brands Hatch it has a rather infamous Paddock Hill corner, hugely rewarding when you get it right - but expensive if you don't. Good club racing paddock atmosphere and surprisingly decent facilities for such a small out the way circuit.

Pass the start/finish line flat out along the Canterbury Straight towards the slight left hand kink before the first corner, Pilgrims. Brake hard and change down in the dip just past the kink, then immediately turn the car in, deliberately running a little wide of the first apex. Take the second apex on the kerb tightly, just opposite the marshals post/ambulance gate, before the short uphill part. Gradually drift outwards, not going too far before the crest of the hill at Chessons Drift, as the steering goes light and you could drift too wide. There is not much run off on either side; Paul once found the barrier three times in one race on the inside here!

Gently straighten the steering and, where the rally cross track rejoins the main circuit, drift across to the other side of the Dover Straight before braking for the deceptively sharp Devils Elbow that almost doubles back onto itself. Turn in late for this corner, letting the camber of the circuit and natural under steer push you through to the exit. Be patient with the power as this could push you wide on the exit. It is easy to get it wrong here, especially on cold tyres.

It is a fast run up the hill whilst making a gradual move from the far right to far left of the track before the hairpin (North Bend) at the top. This is a very tight and slow hairpin so be patient with the throttle on the exit so it doesn't push you too far out to the left of the track. Be careful of the pit entrance as you will almost be in it by this point. Due to the steep downhill run of Hairy Hill towards Paddock Bend you will need to make sure you are as far over to the left as possible. A quick dab on the brakes by the break in the white line. Make a late turn in, being careful not to let the car get too light over the brow. There is not much gravel trap between the track and the solid tyre wall (ask Jez about this). Apex tightly on the painted kerb by the small tarmac patch, but avoid hitting the kerbs as they will throw you wide. Allow the car to drift wide on the exit and then over the start line to complete another lap.

Words kindly provided by Jamie Stanley.

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